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Righteous Babe

Charles E. Burchfield: A Resounding Roar Vinyl

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Righteous Babe teamed up with the Burchfield Penney Art Center to release a vinyl!

This unique recording-conceived in conjunction with the exhibition Charles E. Burchfield: A Resounding Roar is a realization of the goal to create musical compositions in Burchfield's name.To hear some of the tracks click here!

This limited edition 130-gram vinyl record is accompanied by a fully-illustrated, 28-page exhibition catalog, with a translucent cover imprinted in metallic gold. The book features the art of Charles E. Burchfield, reproductions of art, graphic scores, and essays by Anthony Bannon, Tullis Johnson, and Don Metz from the Burchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo, New York. 
A Resounding Roar features six compositions that were created in Burchfield’s name, inspired by his paintings, writings, drawing and doodles. A year-long study of the artist’s work was conducted by fourteen Western New York musicians, who then created interpretive scores and captured ambient sounds directly referenced by Burchfield. These were interwoven into the final recordings, which also serve as a soundtrack to the exhibition.