Ani in Design Sponge Created: 11/07/14

Hey Folks! The renowned design blog Design*Sponge interviewed Ani and designer Brian Grunert from White Bicycle to learn more about the music and the packaging for Allergic to Water and more - check it out!  Enjoy! RBR

Happy Release Day! Created: 11/04/14

Allergic to Water, Ani DiFranco’s new studio album is now available! Pick it up at your favorite indie record store on your way to the polls (VOTE DAMMIT!) – for our vinyl loving fans please note the record release date isn’t for a few more...

Welcome New RBR Artist Jennifer Knapp Created: 10/03/14

Jennifer Knapp is joining Righteous Babe Records for her latest release Set Me Free, a risk-taking bout of deeply personal insights into her relationships with lovers and friends, which plays smoothly from beginning to end: it’s bold, fully-grown and timeless all at the same time...