Welcome Robinson & Rohe! Hear their new single "Into The Night"

Welcome Robinson & Rohe! Hear their new single "Into The Night"

Join us in welcoming Robinson & Rohe to the Righteous Babe family! The duo of songwriters Liam Robinson (banjo, accordion, vocals) and Jean Rohe (guitar, vocals) will release their sophomore record Into The Night on Righteous Babe records in May 2023. After a long production period, made longer by the pandemic, and preceded by a touring hiatus during which Liam served as vocal-arranger and music-director of Anaïs Mitchell’s smash hit Broadway musical Hadestown and Jean released Sisterly, an award-winning record of her own, this record is long overdue. Into the Night builds on the keen-eyed writing, detailed arrangements, impeccable duo singing, and modern American themes explored on their debut album Hunger but takes a new tack with the addition of drums, electric guitars, horn section, and vocal ensemble.

The title track shows a mythic live concert transforming a “backroom bar” into a place of brief, sacred communion — which distills all our feelings about the magic of live music.

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“Robinson & Rohe take the less-is-more approach and let their melodic precision create a crisp fusion of preciseness and poignancy.” - Glide

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