"Do or Die" / "Contagious" double single out now

Created: 10/19/20

Ani shares a double single with the addition of "Contagious" out now. Listen here.

Ani says, “i wrote this song on the very last tour i did, last february on the west coast. nobody in america had heard of covid-19 yet but certainly it was out there, so it's ironic that this is the metaphor i chose to talk politics. 'contagious' is basically a plea to the democratic party establishment (or is it a vow to myself?) not to stoop to the lyin, cheatin tactics of their adversaries. as hard as it is to play by the rules, act on principle, and maintain your honor when you feel like you’re the only one in the room doing so, that's exactly what it will take to get us out of here. i borrowed the refrain from one of my favorite democrat badasses, michelle obama."