This Week at Babeville – 4/3

Created: 04/03/13

What we're listening to...

We’re all aware of Todd Sickafoose’s talents, he’s been holding down Ani’s low end for years now! Check out his jazzy side on this live show with Tiny Resistors from 92Y Tribeca.


What we're reading...

Always a welcome arrival in our mailbox, Bust Magazine features refreshingly intelligent and entertaining articles from the female point-of-view, and some cleaver DIY crafts to boot!


What we're digging...

It’s technically spring, but apparently no one told the weather here in Buffalo. So instead of playing in the dirt, we can pass our time daydreaming about our future vegetable gardens. If you’re looking for seeds that aren’t genetically modified, SeedsNow is the place to go!


Planting Peace recently bought this house in the suburbs of Topeka, Kansas and created The Equality House, a drop-in support center for the LGBT community. Oh, and did we mention that the rainbow colored house can be found right across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church?