Meet Esther: Devoted Fan From The UK

Here at Righteous Babe headquarters we get to meet tons of cool people, between musicians playing our venue, the folks who attend the shows, and visitors stopping by to check the place out.  Today we are going to focus on the later by sharing an impromptu visitor interview!  Perhaps this will be a one-time thing that we never remember to do again, or maybe it will be a cool opportunity for us to share some of the interesting people we cross paths with. 

So let’s begin with Esther.

Esther visited the day before Thanksgiving which means the office was pretty empty, but thankfully there was someone here to show her around or we would have felt pretty awful!  You see, Esther traveled all the way from London, UK for a Patty Smith / Neil Young concert in New York City and figured while she was in the states she would say hello.  Now, if you are familiar with the geography of New York State you are probably thinking to yourself “but New York City is pretty far away from Buffalo!”  And you are correct! We are a 1-hour flight/ 8-hour car ride/ 10-hour bus ride away from the big apple.  Esther took the 10-hour bus ride to visit the city of Buffalo for a total of 12 hours for the sole purpose of visiting us at Babeville, and that, my friends, is what you call devotion.

Also, in case Esther looks familiar it probably has something to do with that “Mariachi” fan video a while back.  She submitted some great footage that went into the final montage, and although I couldn’t figure out why I recognized her, my lovely coworker Anna pointed it out immediately.

So without further ado see her answers to the hard hitting questions.

Hometown: London, UK

Occupation:  Musician under the alias Quiet Choir (check out her music here)

Favorite Ani Album: Dilate

Top 3 Ani Songs:
“The Atom”
Tie between “Hearse” and “Welcome To:”

Number of Times You Have Seen Ani Play:  45!!! (between 1997-2012)

If you are in the Buffalo area and would like to visit, we would love to have you but please call ahead to schedule an appointment (716-852-8020) and be prepared…

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