The Righteous Babe Foundation, a private not-for-profit organization, is collecting donations for the victims of Hurricane Katrina through the Righteous Babe store. People have suffered terribly in the wake of this disaster, including many of the musicians who give New Orleans it’s soul. No amount is too small. We realize that a dollar or two may not seem like much but when we combine the dollars of each person visiting our store it can really make a difference. When you place an order the amount you enter during checkout in the donation box provided will be added onto your total order. All donations will be distributed to Katrina's Piano Fund, a not-for-profit organization getting instruments and musical equipment to New Orleans musicians who have lost everything. One of the founders of Katrina’s Piano Fund is John “Klondike” Koehler, owner of Klondike Sound, the company that provides sound for Ani’s tours.

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