Welcome New RBR Artist Jennifer Knapp

Jennifer Knapp is joining Righteous Babe Records for her latest release Set Me Free, a risk-taking bout of deeply personal insights into her relationships with lovers and friends, which plays smoothly from beginning to end: it’s bold, fully-grown and timeless all at the same time – the epitome of a contemporary folk-rock record. After parting ways from her Grammy nominated Christian music career that propelled her forth to sell over a million records worldwide,

Knapp is back to deliver the follow up to Letting Go on October 14th.

Along with the release of this record, Knapp recently published a coinciding memoir entitled Facing the Music: My Story on Howard Books/Simon and Schuster that details stories from her life dealing with controversy, love and lessons learned in her unique road through fame and life. If all of that wasn’t enough then her self-started organization, Inside Out Faith, which seeks to engage an effective dialogue and open communication between religious environments and the LGBT community, certainly makes her a truly righteous babe!

Preorder Knapp’s highly anticipated album Set Me Free here!

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