Ani's Recommended Reading for October Created: 10/05/16

Ani's handwritten recommendations for October are now posted! After a few months of downtime, she's catching up on her reading with both a new find and a classic (a book that features a foreword from Ani!). Check out the latest books at!

Ani's First Album Now Available on Vinyl Created: 08/19/16

  Ani DiFranco now available re-mastered on vinyl!! All the songs you loved from the 1990 release offered up in vinyl format! Featuring all 13 tracks from the original album, this 140 gram, two-record set includes three sides of newly re-mastered audio and a collectable...

Ani's Recommended Reading for August Created: 08/03/16

Ani is working on her new record this month! She left you a handwritten note for "The Botany of Desire". Check out her reviews for her favorite books under 'new finds' and 'classics' here:

New Official Bootleg Glenside, PA 11.11. 2012 Created: 06/16/16

Head back to 2012 and relive this performance at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA, which marked Ani’s 10th show at that venue. In between songs, you’ll hear Ani discuss everything from the 2012 presidential election when our biggest worry was Mitt Romney (oh the...

Ani's Recommended Reading for June Created: 06/01/16

Time to start getting your summer reading list together!  Ani's recommended reading for June is now posted. Check out her handwritten reviews about her latest picks under 'new finds' and 'classics' here: