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New Album 'Binary' coming June 9 - Pre-Order on PledgeMusic today!

Created: 04/10/17

We are so excited to announce that Ani’s new record BINARY is coming June 9!

Head over to PledgeMusic to pre-order the album on CD, vinyl (including signed versions!), or digital download.  There are also lots of unique goodies available through the campaign from signed test pressings to Righteous Babe socks!  And when you place your order you'll get an instant download of three tracks to tide you over until release:  ("Play God," "Deferred Gratification," and "Binary" live from Folk Alley).

This is an album focused on our relationships and responsibility to each other, and Ani is taking this moment to connect more deeply with you via the PledgeMusic campaign, sharing more of her musings and artwork through exclusive updates.

NOTE (Update 6/9/17): Pre-Order is now over - get Binary in the Righteous Babe Store!