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Announcing The Prison Music Project album Long Time Gone

Created: 05/08/20

In 2010, folk-singer and songwriter Zoe Boekbinder (they/them) visited New Folsom Prison for the first time. What they thought would be one interesting day turned into a decade-long collaborative project. Boekbinder visited the prison often over the next five years; performing and teaching music workshops quickly turned into the beginnings of collaborations with writers and musicians who were incarcerated within New Folsom's walls. This was the seed for the Prison Music Project and the culminating album, Long Time Gone, produced by Ani DiFranco.

Releasing June 5, 2020 (Righteous Babe Records), the album features work by nine incarcerated (and formerly incarcerated) writers. The profits of Long Time Gone will benefit communities impacted by mass incarceration and the funds will be administered by the Southern Center for Human Rights.

Listen and pre-order here