We all know that one of the the little folksinger’s favorite ‘f’ words is ‘funk’…and nobody brings New Orleans funk to the masses like Dumpstaphunk (Ivan Neville, Ian Neville, Tony Hall, Nick Daniels III, Nikki Glaspie).  Dumpstaphunk’s new album Dirty Word, just hit the streets July 30 featuring Ani on the title track.

If you are wondering how this came about, here’s how Ivan Neville explained the track in an interview with Dave Lake that appeared in the Seattle Weekly:

‘Ani DiFranco got on the record totally by chance. Mike Napolitano, who mixed 9 out of the 11 songs on the album, he’s married to Ani DiFranco. And their studio is in their house. So he was mixing the Dumpstaphunk record – and she’s sat in with us before and I played on one of her records before so we have a mutual respect – she happened to be in there listening to him mix the record and we were nowhere around. She heard something, on what was an instrumental song, and she went and put some vocal parts on the song ... And we heard it and thought it was very interesting and very cool and so we left it.’

Check it out “Dirty Word” Here: 

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