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The double album Revelling/Reckoning has been the subject of widespread critical acclaim. Rolling Stone, Spin, the Los Angeles Times and Washington Post are a few of the publications that have sung the album's praises. Half the songs on each disc find Ani flying solo (playing a small orchestra's worth of instruments), while the other half feature the members of her road-tested live band along with guests Maceo Parker and Jon Hassell on horns and Lloyd Maines on pedal steel. The whole thing is wrapped up in one elegant, specially designed package, complete with a pair of lyric-and-photo booklets. On the journey from Revelling to Reckoning, Ani takes her music in countless new directions -- but she never strays from the path she's been on all along.

"Ani produces an extraordinary variety of sounds from her guitar, playing rhythm and lead simultaneously and often making you wonder if there aren't four other guitarists hidden beneath the dry ice." - THE OBSERVER

 Released: April 2001

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CD $20.00
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Revelling/Reckoning MP3 Full Album $16.99
Ain't That the Way $0.99
O.K. $0.99
Garden of Simple $0.99
Tamboritza Lingua $0.99
Marrow $0.99
Heartbreak Even $0.99
Harvest $0.99
Kazoointoit $0.99
Whatall is Nice $0.99
What How When Where (Why Who) $0.99
Fierce Flawless $0.99
Rock Paper Scissors $0.99
Beautiful Night $0.99
Your Next Bold Move $0.99
Reckoning $0.99
So What $0.99
Prison Prism $0.99
Imagine That $0.99
Memphis $0.99
Grey $0.99
Subdivision $0.99
Old Old Song $0.99
Sick of Me $0.99
Don't Nobody Know $0.99
School Night $0.99
That Was My Love $0.99
Revelling $0.99
In Here $0.99
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