Ani's Recommended Reading for May Created: 05/04/16

May is already here! With a new month comes a new selection of Ani’s favorite books. Check out the titles, along with her handwritten recommendations, on our website at

Rest In Peace Prince Created: 04/22/16

"a most brilliant and exotic bird has flown into the sky. enjoy the view my friend." - from Ani The Q on CBC Radio spoke with Ani about her experiences with Prince – listen to the interview here:

Ani's Recommended Reading for April Created: 04/06/16

A new month means new additions to Ani’s Recommended Reading list! Check out her hand-written notes with her thoughts on this month’s classic read and new find here:

Ani's Recommended Reading for March Created: 03/02/16

The Recommended Reading list continues to grow with new picks straight from Ani!  To read what she has to say about the two titles, one of Ani’s new finds and one of her classics, just click here:

Ani's Recommended Reading Created: 02/03/16

We are excited to share the first books on Ani’s Recommended Reading list, featuring literary picks straight from Ani herself.   Check it out:

Catalog O' Stuff Created: 12/01/15

Below you will find our digital catalog with all of our latest merch offerings. Feel free to click through it and see what we have been up to. If you are unable to open it you can also just visit the Righteous Babe Store. Also...